Water from a tap

24/7 help with our plumbing service in Boston, Peterborough and surrounding areas!

Plumbing problems?

You've just got up, you walk into the bathroom, you turn on the tap to fill that wash basin but there's no water running.  No water to brush your teeth, to enjoy that cup of tea, to get the pots washed.  Whether it's no running water, low water pressure or even a leaky pipe; problems with the plumbing can really impact the routine of daily life.  But CJ Gas Services Heating & Plumbing can get you back up and running.

Experienced plumbers

As professional plumbers and heating engineers, CJ Gas Services Heating & Plumbing have the necessary experience and skills to get your plumbing working for you, whatever the problem.  And with our 24/7 service, you can take advantage of our service whenever you need it.  So contact our office now to get those issues sorted.

Plumbing problems we can solve:

  • Installation or maintenance of heating systems
  • Sanitation system repairs
  • Fitting of bathroom and kitchen units
  • Emergency repairs
  • Pipe fitting
  • And more!
Pipe fitting
For a professional plumbing service, call CJ Gas Services Heating & Plumbing. Our services cover the Boston, Spalding, Skegness, Grantham, Peterborough and King's Lynn areas.
Call 07925 261 423

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